Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Two Snow Days

Apparently Mother Nature wants us to stay home from work and school for two days or God is telling us to slow down and spend time with our families and with Him. Maybe God is telling me to slow down AND to do my physics homework. Tomorrow I will do that Physic homework and tonight I will finish watching tv and chatting on facebook and praying about the praying that I am supposed to do at church on Sunday. My biggest struggle with praying on Sunday, and this may sound weird, but the first thing that came to my mind is "I don't pray the way they do." But none the less I will be praying on Sunday and I have been praying that the Holy Spirit will be the one speaking and not myself. I have also been praying for the right words to say and to be effective in my prayer.

We started The Challenge yesterday and so far so good. I also started personal training yesterday, and today ouch!! But a good ouch! I've gotten my water in and avoided sweets! :)

Life is good, I can't complain. I am enjoying the season that God has me in and preparing for the next.