Thursday, June 17, 2010


May 15th I graduated with my MPH (Master's in Public Health) Woo Hoo!! And here are all the glorious pictures to show for it!! It was soooooo long!! A politician spoke and basically just promoted his campaign and said "government is not the problem/enemy" .. we all rolled our eyes and just wanted him to get over with it. Either way - I am soooo glad to be done and to have survived the semester. It was probably the hardest yet most rewarding.

Heres me and N. I babysat him and his sis for the two years I was there.

My advisor and the teacher who made our lives literal hell this semester!

My roommate for the past two years.

Me and Allie.

Me, Selina, and Natalie.

Me, my dad, Marjorie and Nathan. I love his face in this picture. He was doing it on purpose! Haha!

Me and my dad.

Me, Allie, Charlotte, and Hayley.

Crossing the stage!

Walking in.

The small stage we crossed - haha.

Now that I am done - I am on to bigger adventures. Who knows what, but either way I will enjoy them as long as they don't require me to move to a new state with no one I know. At least not for a good while! :)

Live your Best Life Weekend (Day 4)

Our last day in NYC was spent doing some sight seeing. I have always wanted to go to Liberty Island and see the Statue of Liberty so we got up and did that. What I really really wanted to do was go to the top of the crown but you have to book 3 months in advance to do that. So we went had fun and took lots of pictures.

After that we met our friend at the MTV studios because that is where she works! We also rode the elevator with this guy from some show either the city or the hills.

All in all a great trip with a great friend!! Glad we were able to have such a fun time before I moved.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Live your Best Life Weekend (Day 3)

I think after this post I will be one post away from being caught up. So here is the last day of the LYBL Weekend and what me and Carly did after the run that day. We got up waaaay to early for a 2 mile run along the river and ending in Times Square. At the last minute we decided not to run but to instead take a taxi to Times Square and wait so that we could be close to the stage. In our attempt to leave we got stopped and ended up in a good position because we got to take some great photos of some of the celebrity's who were there - Dr. Oz, Jennifer Hudson, Mary J Blige, Suze Orman, and Gayle. After all was said and done with the walk we went home and took a long rest and got up to go walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. This was on my 101 in 1001 list. So we did that and got some amazing photographs that I can't wait to frame. Then we went and had the best pizza ever at a place right under the bridge. Never did we think we would have to wait in line for pizza, but we did and it was worth it. The atmosphere in side was great. All of the tables were right next to each other so when you were seated you were so close to the next table. It was great because we were able to have good conversation with people on both sides of us. I highly recommend walking across the Brooklyn Bridge at getting pizza at Grimaldi's if you go to NYC.

One more post about our trip to NYC, a graduation post and then I will be caught up! I am only a month behind! :)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Live Your Best Life Weekend (Day 2)

Saturday was a day of sessions and Carly and I chose to go to Dr. Oz, Nate Berkus, and I forgot what the 3rd one was because I went around the Galleria to see what was going on up there. Up there I was able to hear Suze Orman speak and do some other fun things. The ladies there were CRAZY!! They were cutting in line, yelling at each other, running for seats - it was intense. I enjoyed all of the sessions and that night we got to hear Oprah speak about her life at Radio City Music Hall. They said no camera's so we didn't take any pictures but everyone there had cameras.

We got a nice purse, shirt, make up case, and some other free stuff in the bag. It was lots of cool stuff.