Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Temporary Hiatus

I am on a temporary blogging hiatus while I study for the MCAT, fill out applications and do all stuff med school related. See y'all in a few! :)

Pray for me while you're at it!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Oprah was Amazing

So I am back from Chicago and my trip was amazing! I love going to the Oprah show and since my friend's aunt worked for Oprah we didnt have to wait in line. We were able to go right up to the offices and sit in the lobby until it was time to be seated. We go to meet one of the co producers, had reserved seats in the audience and had an overall good time.

I forgot that it was cold in Chicago, so I didnt dress appropriately. I have lots of pictures to share, but haven't uploaded them to my computer yet. Shania Twain was the guest and she spoke about her life. We won a trip to TN for the Country Music Awards Festival so that should be fun. The studio was freezing, Shania's people kept putting hair spray during commercial breaks, and the lady behind me fell asleep and was snoring! Haha!

I was able to go up in Sears Tower and sit in the skydeck boxes. They are clear plexi glass type boxes that go out on top of the city. It was kind of scary. We walked all around the city. Went to Millenium Park, The Field Museum, walked Michigan Avenue for shopping, tried some Chicago pizza, road the train, and shopped in the Oprah store. Ooh and I also got to pet Oprah's dog Sadie since she roams the halls.

Overall it was a great trip. Oh and I ended up wearing a purple shirt that is kind of mesh with a purple tank top underneath and a flower bow in my hair. It was cold.