Saturday, January 22, 2011

Maybe ..

Maybe one day I will blog more frequently .. but as for now I am just hanging out
Hanging out and enjoying life .. Working, working, working
Working on school, working on working out, working on loving, working on relationships
A relationship with my Creator, not a religion, a relationship
A relationship with the people around me and a relationship with myself .. just learning
Learning to accept things as they, learning to accepts things as they come, learning seasons
Seasons come and seasons go and in all of them we are able to experience something
Something exhilarating, something new, something sad, something to define our purpose
Purpose for living, purpose for sharing, purpose for our purpose driven life
Life .. well it's just about hanging out .. and one day I will blog more frequently

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I prayed for an answer

I prayed for an answer and God sent someone to tell me to pray for wisdom. I prayed for wisdom and my eyes were opened.

It's funny that I was praying, praying, praying hard for God to just give me an answer and to show me a sign. And then I was talking to a friend at work about praying and she said why don't you pray for wisdom. It was like an "aha!" moment. I had never thought to pray for wisdom. I prayed for wisdom and my eyes have been continually opened since then. It's hard to accept change and new seasons no matter how dreary the past season has been. It's hard to do things that are uncomfortable, but when it's time to step out things start to fall into place. And my final "aha!" moment was when the pastor preached about joy today.

I am ready for this new season! I am ready for joy! Things are looking good!