Saturday, January 22, 2011

Maybe ..

Maybe one day I will blog more frequently .. but as for now I am just hanging out
Hanging out and enjoying life .. Working, working, working
Working on school, working on working out, working on loving, working on relationships
A relationship with my Creator, not a religion, a relationship
A relationship with the people around me and a relationship with myself .. just learning
Learning to accept things as they, learning to accepts things as they come, learning seasons
Seasons come and seasons go and in all of them we are able to experience something
Something exhilarating, something new, something sad, something to define our purpose
Purpose for living, purpose for sharing, purpose for our purpose driven life
Life .. well it's just about hanging out .. and one day I will blog more frequently


Susann Akers said...

I clicked onto your blog as I was just randomly clicking and there your were - what a beautiful friendly and open face you have. Cheered me up !! if you want to drop by and share a thought on my blog you will be very welcome

I'm Just a Full said...

I was jumping from blog to blog with no intents of reading something, just passing time...
I found this very post so pure and honest that I couldn't leave this blog without commenting it.

Congrats for your blog, unfortunately you are unable to read mine's... Only if you no portuguese!

I leave you with this beautiful song

Greetings from Portugal