Sunday, October 19, 2008

Apple Picking

Apparently apple picking is the thing to do in NY .. so I decided this weekend I would apple pick .. and boy did I apple pick .. it was actually fun!! Also, the cold weather is fast approaching .. I am starting to freeze!! Here are a few pics from apple picking ..

Other than that school is just going .. the semester is almost over and that is oooooh so exciting!! I am ready for a round of new classes and the awesome break that I will get after finals and before classes next semester. 1 more midterm and then my brain will be freeeeeee!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

So ..

I like lists .. so I am going to continue and do my posts in lists until I get bored.

  1. I just got my ticket to go home for Christmas!! YAY!!
  2. Life is life in NY .. and hopefully school is getting better!!
  3. School is school .. and also hopefully getting better!!
  4. It is cold!!
  5. I would like some new sheets bc I am bored with my bed .. I have a sheet obsession!!
  6. I also would like to see Celine January 5 if anyone would like to join me!!
  7. I am also going to Lubbock in January!! YIPPEE!!!!!!!

That is all that I can think of for right now!! Things are going!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

I've been tagged!!

Loren tagged me so I have to give 6 random facts about me .. so here it goes!!

  1. I HATE the color blue and all foods associated with it!! I just can't eat it .. I dont know why .. the only time I eat blue is in Bruster's birthday cake ice cream.
  2. I love pink and zebra!! I am actually obsessed ask anyone .. everything I own is pink and zebra .. blankets, suitcases, frames, sheets, purses, wallets .. you name it I have it!!
  3. I HATE CHOCOLATE!! Yuck!!
  4. I love monkeys!! They are just so darn cute!!
  5. My favorite saying is "live, laugh, love" and "well behaved women rarely made history."
  6. I hate when people touch my food or stick their fingers in my cup!! Gag me!! That is so freaking gross .. germs germs!!

I have no one to tag .. sorry :(

School is okay .. I have families that I babysit for and I like them. Other than that I am just taking it day by day .. hanging in there!!