Monday, October 6, 2008

I've been tagged!!

Loren tagged me so I have to give 6 random facts about me .. so here it goes!!

  1. I HATE the color blue and all foods associated with it!! I just can't eat it .. I dont know why .. the only time I eat blue is in Bruster's birthday cake ice cream.
  2. I love pink and zebra!! I am actually obsessed ask anyone .. everything I own is pink and zebra .. blankets, suitcases, frames, sheets, purses, wallets .. you name it I have it!!
  3. I HATE CHOCOLATE!! Yuck!!
  4. I love monkeys!! They are just so darn cute!!
  5. My favorite saying is "live, laugh, love" and "well behaved women rarely made history."
  6. I hate when people touch my food or stick their fingers in my cup!! Gag me!! That is so freaking gross .. germs germs!!

I have no one to tag .. sorry :(

School is okay .. I have families that I babysit for and I like them. Other than that I am just taking it day by day .. hanging in there!!

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