Monday, July 7, 2008

The Future New Yorker

quote of the day: "everything happens for a reason, if you get a chance take it, and if it changes your life .. let it."

I think that this is a good way to share my grad school experience and my time living in New York with those who are important to me .. and those who may just come across this and find me interesting!! Right now .. we are in crunch time before the move to NY .. it feels like yesterday that I was having to make such a huge decision on which school to go to and now I am about to move away. Some days I am very excited about going away .. and other days I am soooooo nervous!! I have spent four years in Lubbock and become so comfortable that moving to an unfamiliar city sometimes .. well .. of recent is making me more and more nervous daily. I hope I made the right decision .. and I hope that New York is an experience. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers!!

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Jesica said...

hey girl! i know you are nervous, but NEW YORK is going to be amazing! you will never have to see the same person twice, everyday will be a new and exciting adventure-- I will certainly miss you, and i hope you will miss me too! i will keep in touch with you via internet and random text! just know that i love you dearly and i hope you have so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!