Saturday, February 28, 2009

Another week

Another week, another triumph. Only 9 more weeks left this semester!! Oh forgiveness, such a nice word yet so hard to do. I'm pretty sure I have read a lot of blogs this week regarding forgiveness .. its a sign!! 

If I work early and diligently I should not be overwhelmed with the amount of papers I will have to do. Life is good, it could be better .. but I'm not complaining. Left this semester I have 3 15-page papers, 1 10-page paper, 2 midterms, 2 finals, 2 mini papers and an internship to acquire. 

Pray for a good internship, in Dallas!! PLEASE-OH-PLEASE!! Pray that I figure out what I need to do with the rest of my life, after I finish school life. I'm kind of confused .. :/

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