Saturday, May 29, 2010

Live Your Best Life Weekend (Day 1)

So I know its been soooo long since I blogged but I am trying to catch up to graduation so that I can have my blog printed into a book to remember the past two years.

The weekend after class finished one of my best friends from undergrad came up to NY and met me in the city for Oprah's Live Your Best Life Weekend. It was loads of fun to spend time in the city. We had a great time. Here are pictures from our first day. We went to Macy's, checked in for the event, and then went to Serendipity. Carly flew in and I took the megabus - which a really cheap way to get around the northeastern part of the United States. I thought it would be a quick walk from where the bus dropped me off to the hotel but it was actually 2 miles. I was sweating and tired having pulled my huge suit case through town. But we both arrived at the same time and enjoyed lunch at Cafe Metro.

Us outside of Serendipity.

Police cars in Times Square

Inside Serendipity. It was nothing like what we anticipated and it was filled with junk.

Carly got a frozen hot chocolate.

I got a frozen pink lemonade

Inside my first taxi ever in NYC - when I have gone in the past I mostly take the subway

Where we checked in.
Flower center pieces for the reception.
Banners hanging outside.
Macy's is 9 floors high and the length of a block. It was super intense.

I had heard so many good things about Crumbs Cupcakes - so when we passed one in walking we stopped by.

Crumbs even had a special Oprah Cupcake.

This was just the first day. We were so pooped by the time the day was over. Serendipity was our last stop then we came back to the hotel and crashed!! Apparently the fire alarm went off in the hotel too, you could not hear it from our room. Good thing it wasnt a real emergency!!

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