Saturday, September 25, 2010

Update on my 101 in 1001

So since starting work I have been oh so busy. Work, school and trying to work out is A LOT harder than I anticipated. But .. since we are starting a new week tomorrow and a new month soon I thought I would give myself some goals to try and accomplish! :)

37. Work out 24 of the 30/31 days of a month
54. Make my bed every day for a week
76. Do morning work outs for a week
77. Have morning quiet time with God
78. Pray before my meals
88. Help make my sister a mum or garder

After re-looking at my list I get to mark some things off!! :)
99. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge - I did this with Carly!

100. Pack up apartment in New York

71. Go to a friends wedding
72. Be in a wedding
I was able to do both of these in one weekend thanks to Amanda and Adam!

I think this finally catches me up on my list. Hopefully this week I will be able to add more like making my bed for a week, hehe!

Happy rainy Saturday!

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Amanda said...

I like this picture of all of us before my wedding! I'm glad you were there to be a part of our special day; it meant a lot to both of us. :) I'm also glad you are back to blogging. It gives me something to read!