Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thought Process

So lately my mind has been going 90 miles an hour and it is quite overwhelming. So I figure I should write it down, thanks Tanna for the courage, so that I can look back at all of the situations and see how they were taken care of. *My car is still broken and this is my number one constant stressor. You would think getting a new car would be easy, but its a hard process especially when you live a trillion miles away from your family/parents. Getting around sucks without a car and depending on others sucks even more. My eyes are watering just writing this down {sigh}. To just be back in Texas again. People dying gives me bad anxiety. Our old children's church pastor just passed away another reason my mind keeps going and going. I know we all are on earth for a purpose, but death in general scares me/gives me anxiety. I have been reading my Bible and it isn't as bad, but still it causes me pain. This project for this class is overwhelming and time consuming. I don't even like management so 50 - 75 page projects cause me stress. And 3 of them in 8 weeks causes me more stress. I just want to graduate and move back to Texas. Eight weeks until my last school thing is due, so close but yet so far. I worked out for real on Monday and my whole body is sore. It feels as if I were hit by a car. I guess thats a good thing though. I've been having slight headaches, but I think it's because I'm stressed/anxious. I just want my brain to slow down to at least 50, 20 would be better. I just want things to work out and be normal. I want my car back or a car that works and can get me back home. I want someone to sublease my apartment so I don't have to pay for an empty room all summer. I want to find a job close to home. I want things to work out. And I know all things in God work for the good of those who love Him. I really want faith. Not just any faith, but the Hebrews 11 faith.* Time to get back to this project ..

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Brooklynn said...

I'll be praying for you Kristi. Hang in there!