Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Today ..

  • Bought a new digital slr!! 
  • Bought a plane ticket to go to Texas for Spring break!!
  • Kinda studied for my test tomorrow, but will actually have studied by the time I go to bed!!
  • Worked out after an hour long snooze session with my alarm clock!!
  • Prayed for baby Rebekah to grow grow grow inside her mommy's tummy!! Prayed for the doctors who will be performing her surgery!! Prayed that the Ellis family is as healthy as can be from now till forever!! :)
  • Gave my presentation even though I printed the unedited version!! Spoke about why all children need health insurance!! (you dont have to think the same way I do)
And now .. I am going to study for real!! Those pictures aren't recent, they were taken 2 Halloweens ago but they're fun!! 

1 comment:

Michaela said...

congrats on your new camera!! Also, thanks for stopping by mt giveaway last week =)