Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Life in Numbers!!

Only ONE month of school left until finals!!

I have had my new Nikon for TWO weeks and I am obsessed!!

I have THREE siblings waiting at home to see me for Easter!!

Of my FOUR best friends I will get to see three while I am home!! (below is the one I will not see)
I will be in Texas in FIVE days!! (windmills in Texas)
SIX is almost the number of pounds I have lost since I started working out and eating right!! (pre college weight .. working hard to get back there!!)
SEVEN days until lunch with my mom, and (kind of) adopted sister!!
EIGHT days till I see my far away best friend .. even though everyone is far to me now!!
NINE hours of sleep I wish could get tonight!! ha!!
TEN days I will get to spend at home with family and friends!! 

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Loren Linn Webb said...

I love this !! Very Creative !!