Sunday, June 28, 2009

7 Little Facts

 I saw this on a fellow beauties blog, and thought I should participate! List 7 things other bloggers may not know about you:
  1. I do not eat anything blue! I don't really know why, but I just can't do it.
  2. I prayed really really hard recently for an answer about what to do with my life, and now I have an answer.
  3. My favorite color combination is pink and zebra print or pink and orange.
  4. Gerber daisies are my favorite flower.
  5. I was a CA/RA for 2 years and worked a 3am - 6am shift for an entire semester. I loved being a CA!
  6. I want to have roughly 6 kids - adopting some and birthing some!
  7. I know all the words to the movie Moulin Rouge!
  8. I have a technology obsession! (macs, iphones, nikons)
  9. I love taking pictures of people and babies! 
  10. I graduated from college before the age of 21.
I actually did 10, so you choose .. do 7 or 10! 


Susan said...

Love your blog, it always brings a smile to my face.

Brooklynn said...

Okay, so two things! I LOVE Moulin of my favorite musicals and gerber daisies are MY favorite flower too!! How crazy!

Happy 4th of July!!

Mike and Katie said...

Hi Kristi,

I just got caught up on your blog. A while back I went and followed everyone who was following me so it was easier to see whenever someone updated. I must have missed yours, so I thought you were never updating!

Yes, we will be adopting this little girl from FL when she is born and I am pregnant. I would love to see you build your family through birth and adoption. If you alternate, birth-than adoption and nurse beyond the first year, you could easily breastfeed you adoptive babies, too.

I guess we better be praying for the perfect man, too!