Friday, July 3, 2009

Updates on Me/Completely Random Information

  • Have you ever wondered why apple juice is brown or why a cookie taste better than a carrot? Me too, more particularly I wonder why apple juice is brown - hehe!
  • Well, I have been inspired by Karen's blog! I have decided to do a pay it forward. I am not sure who I am going to help, but if you know of someone who could use a pay it forward please let me know! It will be completely anonymous on my end, and I would like to bless a person or family in need. I would also like to step out of my comfort zone and do some new and fun things!
  • Who doesn't like attention? Me, wouldn't you say that makes me weird! Yes!
  • God has set a fire in us to fulfill some thing and I bet many of us are not listening, or we are letting others tell us what we can and cannot do in life! Only God can determine what you are not capable of! Recently I have gotten this fire! It is so interesting to see what God will show you when you take the time to pray and listen!
  • Hopefully time slows down so I do not have to go back to school soon OR time speeds up so it can be May and I will have graduated.
  • In general life is still going good. I am completely happy and cannot wait to move back permanently.
  • I plan on blogging more next week, this week I have just been engulfed in work!
  • Anyone want to take on a cool project with me? It's top secret, but let me know if you want to help! It will benefit others in the hospital!

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Precious Moments said...

I love your comment about God starting a fire in us. I heard this new song the other saying that exact same thing. Its so true