Sunday, April 18, 2010

Because numbers have meant a lot to me recently

This post is in honor of all the numbers that have meant a lot to me recently ..

100 - the number of pages my project that is due on Monday is supposed to have, hence the reason I am still awake
98 - the amount of dollars it cost me to mail home 4 boxes8 - the number of pages I have left in this project
29 - the number of days until I move back to Texas
29:11 - the numbers of the verse from Jeremiah that I had inscripted on Marisa's baptism gift
27 - the number of days until graduation
19 - the number of days until Carly and I get to see Oprah
15 - the number of days until my last graduate school class is done
7 - the number of days until Marisa's baptism
6 - the number of days until my poster presentation
5 - the number of days I get to spend in NYC with Carly
2 - the number of days left until the project is over

So, my lack of blogging is due to my overwhelmingly busy schedule. I have been finishing up my internship with WIC, where we finally chose a new logo for NYS WIC. So exciting and so fun. Since this has been my project for the past two semesters I had to present to the director of WIC, to the director of the bureau for food (it's really some other name), the public affairs group, and the central office staff.

Before the semester can be finished I have to:
Give a poster presentation on my internship experience
Present our grant proposal to the class
Take my Family and Community Health final
Turn in my individual 100 page paper
Finish and turn in our group 100 page paper
Give presentation as group over paper

Undergraduate graduation pictures from 2 years ago

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Mike and Katie said...

What does the hand sign me? It looks like you're giving the "L" for loser.