Sunday, April 25, 2010


So on Monday when this week started I proclaimed that it was going to be a good week, and it surely has been a great week!! I got an email about a job and filling out a pre-assessment. That pre-assessment was kind of hard, my english/grammar skills could use some sharpening. Then on Friday they called me to come in for an interview! Woo hoo!! Hopefully it works out since I am flying all the way to Texas for it about two weeks before I am moving back for good.

Saturday was Marisa's baptism and I am one of her three godmothers and it was such an honor to be a part of her big day. I will surely miss the whole Gill family when I move back to Texas. But I vowed to visit very often. I think Marjorie made me a godmother so that I would be forced to come back to New York to visit!! :) And her mom made some to die for chicken and dumplings tonight for dinner. Yum-oh!! They are for sure making my decision to move back to Texas hard. As school gets closer to being done I get sadder about leaving them. They have made my life a million and one times better, and I know that God put them in my lives for a reason!!

Speaking of God. I didn't get to go to church today because I had to work on a group project and on my way driving to school I passed a woman who was walking. Something in my heart told me to pick her up, but I just kept driving. So I make it to the end of the street and I turn around because I knew that I needed to turn around and get her. So it's raining pretty steadily at this point and I turn around to go and ask her where she needs a ride to. She needed a ride to the Indian temple and she said it was just around the corner. Unfortunately, we were never able to find the temple, but she had been walking for over 2 hours and I was able to give her a ride and just listen to her spill her heart. Everyone has a story to tell and sometimes they just need someone to listen. Thankfully by picking her up I wasn't robbed or harmed. :) She has been through a lot and I will add her to my prayer box.

Playing in the baptismal sink

Trying hard to get back in the sink

Marisa and her three godmothers and brother

Marisa in her baptism outfit with no bow in her hair since she refused

The front of the necklace I got her .. (turtles are her favorite)

The back of the necklace with one of my favorite verses Jeremiah 29:11

The cake for the brunch after


Mike and Katie said...

Wow! What a cake! Almost to pretty to eat. Did you use a cheat for it?

Katie's Journey said...

your God daughter is precious! I would love to meetup... I am working at a camp for 7 weeks this summer, but maybe we can find a date that works for both of us! :)

Brittany Ann said...

What a fun celebration of Godly devotion! And I love that cake!

Amanda said...

Someday you will be my child's Godmother! :) The turtle necklace you got is so cute. Where did you get it?

Amanda said...

Someday you will be my child's Godmother! :) The turtle necklace you got is so cute. Where did you get it?