Thursday, October 21, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 1

Day 1: introduce, recent picture, and 15 interesting facts

Hmmm .. so how do I introduce myself? My name is Kristi, I will be 23 tomorrow and I currently work with children birth to age three with developmental delays or disabilities. I lived in Texas all my life up until two years ago when I lived in New York. I love pink, I love zebra, I love ice cream and I love babies. I really really love Jesus and my family too! :) I eventually want to get married and have a whole house full of laughing children - some natural and some adopted. I'm really weird about taking medicine and being "all natural" in a sense. To know me is to love me!

OnE: I am a neat freak and like everything in its place.
TwO: I love how peaceful the week is after going to church on Sunday.
ThRee: I want to get married outside and have hot pink and orange something or another.
FoUr:Certain textures bother me and make me gag.
FiVe: I skipped two grades when I was little, so I started high school at 12, college at 16 and my master's at 20.
SiX: I love shopping for clothes.
SeVen: I love to give to other people.
EiGhT: I have a really really cute God-daughter.
NiNe: I really really enjoy the color pink and zebra print.
TeN: I love pedicures.
ElEvEn: I could read for fun for hours.
TwElVe: I slept in my car on the side of the road in 10 degree weather.
ThIrTeEn: Sometimes I worry about never finding a husband and getting married, but then I remember what an awesome God I serve who is always working in my favor!
FoUrTeEn: I don't like chocolate.
FiFtEeN: My birthday is in 1 hour!!


April S. said...

2nd-really!?!? you don't like chocolate? wow.

Lori Wilson said...

I also work with developmentally disabled adults and children. Doesn't this change the way you look at people? I absolutely love them.

Mike and Katie said...

Fun! I can't wait to get to know more about you. That's really cool that you got to skip grades. How did that work? We put Tony in school a year ahead because he had been working right behind Tyler. Because of his fall birthday he should have been three school years behind Tyler but he would have been so bored in 8th grade.

Happy birthday!!!!