Saturday, November 20, 2010

101 - 26 = 75

I only have 75 things on my 101 list left to complete! I have pictures for most of the ones that I have done recently, but that will be a whole other blog post. Recently crossed off..

2. Live in Texas again - I have lived back in Texas since May!
8. Buy a meal for a strange behind me in the drive thru - recently I have just been buying meals for people behind me at Chicken Express. One lady came up to my window after I bought it for her and said she felt like it was confirmation from God telling her that what she had been telling her coworker was right. I am glad I could be used to help her.
16. Take Physics II - I registered to take Physics II yesterday! This is the last class I need to apply to medical school!!
18. Foster - I put this on hold because I plan on going back to school within the next two years, but I will definitely put this back on my list in the near future since I have a passion for this.
33. Go to a Texas Tech football game - Two weekends ago I went back to Lubbock to go to a football game with my roommate from Senior year. It was Texas Tech's homecoming and they won the game. It was so fun to be back in the college football atmosphere!
55. Actually do my reading for school - This semester I actually read for school! Woo hoo!
57. Get a pedicure - the weekend after my birthday I went and got a pedicure with Carly!
65. Pick eggs from a chicken coop - My uncle saved eggs for me last week and I was able to pick them from his coop!
66. Eat the eggs picked from the chicken coop - My uncle brought over the eggs from the coop and we have been eating them! Yummy!
87. Go to one of my brothers football games - I was able to go to my brothers middle school championship football game! They won!!
88. Help make my sister a mum or garder - For my sisters homecoming this year we made a mum! We waited until the last minute and we were up until 12am, but it looked great!! :)

Woaah! That was a lot!! I am alll up to date on my 101 list!! Only 75 more left to go!

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Mike and Katie said...

I love the idea of paying for the meal behind you at the drive through. I'm going to mention that to Mike to do the next time he goes through a drive thru. I think he would do it.

Love the egg idea! Were the chickens off the nest or did you have to reach under them to get the eggs?

We've been getting milk from a farm and one of the days I hope to get there during milking time so Amanda can see it.