Friday, November 19, 2010

End of Medical School Prerequisites

  1. I just registered today for the last class I need to apply to medical school!! Another thing crossed off my 101 list!! :) I am sooo excited about being done with my prereqs and just needing to take the MCAT.
  2. At work this week they split up our current positions into two different positions and re-assigned people. I was initially really stressed about the situation, but I was blessed and favored to be given a position that would be one I am truly interested in.
  3. Next week I have two days off of work and school and I am beyond excited for some time to sleep!
  4. I am pretty obsessed with cake balls and I have made at least 100 this week.
  5. I saw For Colored Girls this week. It was interesting. It opened my eyes to the people around me and how much as a society we deal with in the quiet of our home. I pray that my eyes and ears will be opened to those around me that need help.
  6. I also pray that I can pay off this stupid bill for fixing a car for my sister. I know this too shall pass but it will be a good memory to look back at and help me remember not to be stressed about so much.
  7. I start working with the youth at church on Sunday! Woo hoo!! That I am excited about. I finally found a church I love and now I will be able to plug myself into a ministry that I am passionate about.
Happy Weekend!! (:

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