Saturday, August 29, 2009

Baked Lays Overdose

Today has been such a long day, I couldn't even make it the whole day without taking a nap! I haven't taken a nap in so long! The bad part about this is that the nap was at like 6pm! Yikes! 6-9pm! Before I took a nap I ate dinner and figured that would hold me over until I went to bed tonight .. WRONG was I! I woke up starving!! {Warning - bad decision to follow} So .. I got some juice and baked lays. That doesn't seem so bad BUT the bad part is I finished the bag that I just bought on Thursday .. ugggh! :/

I had eaten so well today and worked out. Salad and strawberries for lunch, whole wheat crackers for a snack, and chick peas, cous cous, and a few bites of pasta for dinner. I drank all of my water too! And I am still starving as I sit here and type this! By my hunger lever you would think I haven't eaten all day! What to do, what to do?

What I really want to do is bake some cupcakes .. Red Velvet and Funfetti to be exact.


I don't even like chocolate, but Bakerella had these on her blog and they looked yum!


Mike and Katie said...

hmm. might be time to quit reading that blog. :) no sense torturing yourself.

Erin said...

What are cous cous?

dpetty17 said...

Your a hoot! I know the feeling though. Good luck today!

Caty said...

I LOVE couscous!!! You can do it...every day is a do over. Last night I was sooooo hungry I could barely see straight, which is weird because I am never like that...I chugged some water and went to sleep and woke up feeling fine. Weird.