Monday, August 24, 2009

Challenge 3 Here We Come

So here is the start of challenge 3 .. and we are ready!! We made all 25 cheat cards (actually Erin did) for this challenge and they all have words of encouragement/wisdom/funny sayings on them! We both set a goal for 10 lbs this challenge and we are determined to meet our goal! 3rd times a charm .. right?! Hehe

Here we are with a combined total of 50 cheats! Man .. what to do or eat with 50 cheats!!
Here is our before picture 8/23/09 in our challenge shirts. These shirts sure do draw a lot of attention. Me and Jennifer (another beauty) both wore it not knowing the other was going to wear it and got asked so many questions. Many people wanted to know about it, but then when we said limited sweets and fried food they said no thank you! haha! It is just so amazing to see how many people recognize you with the shirt on or want to know exactly what "the challenge" is.
"What would the Beast do?" That is one of the cheat cards that Erin made! Maybe it will help me think if the cheat is actually worth it.
This is the "What would the Beast do?" card again! We just thought it would be cute to take pictures with it.


Mike and Katie said...

Fall is a great time to get back on track! It's hard to avoid the comfort foods of home. Much easier when you do the all the shopping.

Jab09 said...

Super cute!

Precious Moments said...

I just saw pictures on Erins blog, I LOVE these!!! I am stealing them for the challenge blog!! The cheat cards are amazing too, you two did great!!