Monday, August 31, 2009

Grocery Store Corruption

Have you ever stopped and thought "Man, the grocery store has it out for me!" Well, I have. I went to the grocery store today to by some fixings for my steak, broccoli, and mashed potato dinner and I was bombarded by icing cookies, chocolate chip cookies, pies, cakes, donuts .. you name it I saw it.

{This is the part where you start to put your imagination to work} I walk into the grocery store and I am BOMBARDED by the cookies and cake section which is right when you walk into the front door. I have a temporary moment of panic in my head and accidently run into a little girl as I try to escape this section quickly! So I push my cart rather quickly to the fruit and veggie section as I had not planned to use a cheat today. Phhhew, no more temptation! WRONG! As I am walking to the milk section to pick up some Chobani yogurt (I have never tried it, but I will let you know how it taste) to my left and to my right I see all of these center sections with oreos and all sorts of sweets aimed at driving a mother with kids crazy and someone who is avoiding temptation crazy as well. In the midst of all this I hear a screaming child who is probably having a break down over some oreos her mom won't get. I get everything I need and then I head to the register where I must pass the ice cream section (ice cream is my weakness even with the nasty rash I get on my face from it) and the cookies and cake section where I ponder looking for a red velvet cupcake and decide. Nope, I am still not ready to use a cheat.

Other than that small part of my day with the possibility to use a cheat today has gone well for a first day of school. One class done, went to the grocery store AND worked out all before 3! Now I am just cooking dinner so at 5 I can eat and hope that I am not starving before I go to bed! Good thing I am out of Baked Lays!


Mike and Katie said...

the grocery store IS totally out to get you! they are evil! :) good job fighting the battle today!

robineilene said...

Thank goodness in my grocery store the bakery is in the back! I don't know that I have as much will power as you! We get Chobani yogurt too! We buy it at Costco in a huge box and between my husband and I we finish it in like a week!

The meat crust pizza was pretty good. I think we needed to cook it a little longer, it needed more tomato sauce, and next time I am going to put more toppings on it to add flavor! Then I think it will be perfect!