Tuesday, March 22, 2011

22 pounds and then ..

So I tried my Couch to 5K program today and it was a slightly epic failure! I ran all of the first 3 minute interval, 4 1/2 minutes of the 1st 5 minute interval, 1 minute of the second 3 minute interval, and 30 seconds of the last 5 minute interval. It was like my body had hit a brick wall! Yikes!!

After that unsuccessful running I went to my personal training session and got my butt kicked so I didn't feel so bad. My eating today was unsuccessful and the mass amount of WW points I used was ridiculous! Who knew donut holes had so many points! :) Good thing you get to start fresh tomorrow!

My first mini goal is 10 pounds and then my next not so mini goal is a total of 30 pounds. So once I reach that 30 pound goal (I have 22 pounds left as of this morning) I plan on getting my nose or cartilage pierced. No tattoos because they are so permanent.

Other than that .. work is work. We moved into a new office and I am excited. They are much more positive and happier than our old office mates. And I am supposed to go on a jog with one of my work friends Wednesday. Ha! We will see how that goes after today.

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