Saturday, March 5, 2011

Preparation and Random Thought

I feel as if God is preparing me for some big things. I have this like {tingling} in my spirit and sometime I feel as if I am going to explode with joy :)

My thought process on life has changed ..
My thought process of life has changed ..
My thought process on relationships has changed ..
My desires for myself have changed ..
My passions for life have changed ..
My passion for ministry has changed ..
My ability to listen has changed ..
My ability to respond has changed ..

I'm just sooo excited.

Since this blog is for my memories I just thought I would write what someone told me the other day that blew (literally and figuratively) my mind ..

They said "Your parent's shouldn't have ever let you go to Tech" and "You need more friends who look like us."

Funny thing is I love my friends and I loooved the time I spent at Tech. My life has already been predetermined and my steps ordered. I know that I was at Tech for a reason and I know that I have my friends for a reason. Friendship is not about the color of your skin, but what's on the inside. I wouldn't mind a yellow best friend as long as we both shared something and loved the Lord.

I have lost 7 pounds (in 3 weeks) since starting Weight Watchers!! :) I would love to be down a total of 30 by the summer.

I have a iron infusion on Thursday and I am pretty nervous. I hope I don't have an allergic reaction and I pray for the hands of all the people who have to stick me with the IV, prepare the IV, and take care of me during this time. I have to sit for about 4 1/2 hours while it is dripped into my body, but I should feel better after.

I saw a mouse yesterday on a home visit .. interesting.

EVERYONE and there mother is getting married! I can't wait to get married and have kids!! :) All 6 or so that I want!

I started my garden! I will have to blog about that soon!

I am working on finishing some of my 101 in 1001 list!

Now, I am going to take a nap!! Happy Saturday! :)


Mike and Katie said...

I'm excited for you too! I hope you share more. I'm so jealous you get to start a garden. We have at least three more months. Plant some snow peas for me and Amanda. We'll come get them when they're ready. ;)

Des said...