Thursday, March 10, 2011

Iron Infusion

Today was a very important day for me, I finally got some work done on my blood. For as long as I can remember I have craved ice and been tired, but I just thought it was normal.

Back in July I had my blood taken before I started my job and they found out I was severely anemic. My doctor herself called me and said it was bad enough to need a transfusion. They immediately put me on medicine to see if it would help. For about 7 months I have been taking medicine and it didnt help.

So, I went to a hematologist per recommendation of my PCP. They said that I would need to get iron put in my body via IV. It was an experience. It took the lady two tries to get an iv, and on the second time I started gushing blood. But finally I was hooked up. I had to be flushed with IV fluid for about an hour and then I got some iron to make sure I didnt have an allergic reaction. Then I got flushed again and all was well. After that I did the rest of the iron I needed to take and then got another flush. A total of 5 hours to get the right amount in my body that needed to be there. The man who sat next to me was so nice and made me laugh the entire time. He got sick at the very beginning of his chemo and it made me cry. It was soo sad.

I got to have lunch with my friend Amanda to start off the day and then my friend Jennifer came and sat with me in the treatment room all day. So I had a good support team!

Thanks to everyone for there thoughts and prayers!! I should feel totally different and have more energy soon! :)


Mike and Katie said...

That is quite and ordeal! Will you have to do that regularly? I hope you feel better soon!

Amanda said...

I just caught up on your blog; didn't realize I was so behind. I'm glad I was able to boost your spirits that day! :)