Friday, March 12, 2010

The Disney of Grocery Stores!!

What a wonderful grocery store experience for everyone who goes!! What kind of grocery store do you go to and get greeted by the mascot!! :)

The rice cakes are sooo yummy here! Not like any other rice cake I have tasted.

And they make them fresh in the store. The machine in the picture below shoots them out!

The meat section has a singing butcher on top. All the kids in the store were just so smiley and happy!
The Poland Spring tree!!
The meat singers above the meat section :)
The singing head of a cow! A mom was using this moment to teach her child the cow sound! It was cute.

The singing chickens, right next to where I tasted some amazing naked chicken!
The button to get the banana to sing.

Not only did she sing, but she did a little dance!

Look at all of the apples and how yummy they look!! All of there fruit is sooo amazing and sooo fresh!!

What good is a store without red velvet cupcakes!! Even though I love love red velvet cupcakes I opted out of this purchase and bought strawberries and oranges instead.

Overall a fun trip!! If I am ever in NY again I will definitely stop by! This is for sure a grocery store to visit once in your lifetime!!


April S. said...

how do i put in an application to be the store mascot? how fun would that be. looks like a fun place to visit for sure!

Mike and Katie said...

what a place! i would love to see how rice cake are made and taste them fresh. good job passing on the cupcakes!

Life Happens said...

Wow, what a grocery store!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love the quote you have in your blog header! You look like a fun person who loves to Live, Laugh and Love!