Sunday, March 7, 2010

The past few days in pictures ..

I forgot where I last left off in my picture extravaganza :) but here are the ones I have taken. I just havent been able to blog because this paper has CONSUMED my life!! I am so excited to go to bed on time tonight and to be able to wake up and work out!!

Friday night this is the time I shut my book from working on this project. Ick!! I probably didn't fall asleep until 5am.

I have to put a dark blanket over my window so that I can sleep in the morning. If not the light shines through my window and I wake up way early. Don't mind that it's zebra!!

Saturday I worked on my project some more!! All day to be exact. This is the book that is consuming my life!

And today, Sunday I packed a little. Since I am shipping a lot of my stuff back to Texas I want to start mailing it now - and this is the first box! My pots and pans!!

I am finally done with my paper and I am forever thankful that I made it to today!! It was lots and lots of hard work, but only 1 more individual one and one group one until the semester is over!! And then graduation!! woo hoo!!


Katie's Journey said...

Yeah for finishing a paper! I have a big project due for my Teaching Language Arts class on Tuesday and I am about 3/4 of the way done... I just want to be finished already!

Hope you have a wonderful weel!

Amanda said...

I love that zebra print blanket! It was one of my favorites when we were in the dorms. :) And I like your blue frying pan with the yellow handle and flowers! So glad you are finished with your paper! I knew you could do it!