Monday, March 1, 2010

Snow Day and Hair Day

One wouldn't think you could sit and watch a plow for 30 minutes, but I sure did. It was pretty entertaining actually! Haha and it allowed me to diverge my mind away from what it needed to be doing. {Kind of like right now when I should be writing a competitor analysis I am writing a blog post on hair and snow plows} .. but anyway.. back to the story. It was pretty loud and there was a lot of snow for him to plow.

The next day I decided I would take my hair down. I started at like 6pm and didn't finish until 1:52 am! Yikes!! This is again another point in time where I should have been working on this project but instead I decided to work on my hair! Oh life!!

Then I had to brush out my hair! Yikes was it time consuming and you would think I lost like 1 lb in hair based on the picture below - but after a trip to the hair salon my hair is back to normal after a good deep conditioner and straightening.

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Mike and Katie said...

I'm glad to see that it's relatively normal to brush out that much hair when taking out braids. I thought I was doing something wrong that was causing so much breakage.