Thursday, March 4, 2010

Trip to Harlem

So I got up this morning and put on my nice clothes to go to the WIC clinic and do a listening group for participants in Harlem. What's a nice outfit without nice shoes? Zebra shoes!!

And who wears zebra shoes without little miss mismatch socks?!

It took us oh about 4 1/2 hours to get to the site we were going to when it should have taken only 2 1/2. There was lots of traffic, people double parked! {How does this even work when the other side wants to get out?}

Parking garages where we couldn't find attendants ..

And where we were eventually told it was full :/

Through all of this while in the car I was able to get some pictures of the wall art {or what others may call graffiti}

What a beautiful place filled with so many different people. Although I may not want to live in the city I would love to make a yearly visit! We didn't end up going to the best grocery store of all times, but we are scheduled to go their next week Friday!! So I'll have pictures then! Off to work on my paper!!

1 comment:

Mike and Katie said...

You do love your zebra print. I had to laugh when I saw it on your address label, too.

That is definitely wall art! Wow! Amazing work. Nothing like the "I was here" stuff we see on the side of grain trains out here.