Monday, March 1, 2010

One week from today

Based on the title of this post you would think something extraordinarily was happening .. but no. My 50-75 page paper is due actually and I am so very thankful of this! My brain will be able to rest until April 19th when the next one is due!

I spoke with a midwife today about doing volunteer work with her and I am super super excited!! It's not set it stone, but it sounded like a good potential when I spoke with her.

I spoke with my teacher about said project and he seems to think that I am on the right track {cross your finger, pray, spin in a circle and hold your nose, do what you have to do to wish me luck}.

And .. whats a post without pictures??

Amanda is getting married in August and I am a bridesmaid! It's going to be a really fun wedding and I am super excited!


. said...

You are so cute! I love your outlook on things and also your smile is just precious! Keep up the great work and just know you are doing things that MANY can/will are awesome!

Amanda said...

I love the picture! :) I remember that much fun! The wedding IS going to be fun and I am SO HAPPY you are going to be a part of it! Good luck with all of your papers/projects. The end is near!