Saturday, April 25, 2009

Day 5 and weigh in

Days 5 went well. During boot camp we had to do a series of timed challenges such as run a mile, jump rope, and push ups along with our usual work out. Man did she kick our butt. I do not run, but I am hoping to take off 2-4 min of my 16.21 min mile. I jumped rope 64 times and did 14 girl push ups!! Next time I post these I hope that everything has improved. I was soooo hungry yesterday. I took apples with my lunch, but they looked funny once I cut them up and I didnt get to eat them because I threw them away instead. 

Good luck to those who are weighing in today!! I am down 3.6 lbs this week!! 

Now off to write papers. I have 2 left, then I have to start studying for finals!! Please pray about my internship situation. I know that I will be in Texas, bought my ticket today!! My advisor just needs to approve my internship. 

Goal for today: Finish 1 of 2 papers
Goal for the weekend: Finish both of the papers
Goal for next week: Start studying for finals


April S. said...

AWESOME first week!! you did great! keep up the hard work!! it is sure paying off!

Loren Linn Webb said...

Yeah !! I am down the same amount as you. I am struggling with being out of town weekend, but it's ok. :)

Precious Moments said...

YES!!!! You go girl!! I need to start calling you GI Jane lady since you are all about the bootcamp! Im jealous!!

AmberParnell said...

Thanks Kristi! Good luck to you too! It sounds like you are doing great with the boot camp! :)