Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Day 10

Update to the update: Got my cheat .. it was aMaZiNg!!
Update: On my way to get a cheat!! Ahhhh. I feel like I am doing something real bad!! haha!!

Today was a good day. I ate so good up until dinner. I didn't cheat, but for dinner I had an extra serving of meatloaf and squash and sweet potatoes. I went to walmart today and I almost called you Tanna. I wanted something sweet soooooo bad!! All the foods on the shelf were calling my name. I tortured myself and went down the ice cream aisle. I am debating about my cheat. I don't know whether I want cold stone ice cream or friendly's ice cream. Decisions decisions. Boot camp again tomorrow.

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April S. said...

glad you enjoyed your cheat!