Saturday, May 2, 2009

Day 11, 12 and weigh in

These past couple of days have been stressful because I was afraid to weigh myself, but I kept eating right and working out at boot camp. I have turned down some of my favorite foods. I was babysitting last night and they brought home pepperoni pizza from a popular pizza place and told me that "I had to try it" I looked at all of the grease on the pizza and the overload of cheese and decided that no, I did not have to try it. The box sat right next to me while I worked on my assignment on the computer. Torture!! But, I kept thinking that is not good, if I eat this I will suffer in the weigh in and in the bathroom!! Some good things I have had this week are butternut squash, sweet potatoes (baked both in the oven and cut them into french frie slices) veggie lasagna (homemade, light cheese and lots of veggies), veggie pizza (also homemade and lots of veggies), mini meatloaves, grilled chicken sandwiches, veggie omelets, bananas, apples, cantaloupe, and grapes!! I ran out of cantaloupe and went to the store for more, but none of them smelled good. I have been told they will be really sweet if you can smell them when you pick them up. Another thing I do to keep me from overeating at night is after I eat, I go to my room and don't come out unless I have to go to the bathroom. It has worked. I usually just eat my dinner and then nothing else until breakfast.

So my weight loss total for the past two weeks is 4.8 lbs!! I am getting closer to the Challenge goal of 10 lbs in 42 days, and even closer to my lifelong goal of getting healthy and becoming the weight that is right for my body!! 

Keep on going beauties!! Don't give up!! Failure is not an option for me or for you!!

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:) :) :) :) Thanks for posting...this will encourage others. Good for you!