Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Back in Texas and loving it!!

I am back in Texas and loving it!! I have gotten to spend so much time with friends and family already! My sister and I are in close living quarters .. but it will do!! I got an email today talking about another internship that is paid .. I will know about it this week. I do start the one that I have already accepted tomorrow, and I will not know how to quit if that becomes necessary.

The challenge is going good. I bought my favorite dressing today (Drew's Roasted Garlic Peppercorn)! It always makes me want to engulf my salad and veggies!! I also bought some yocrunch yogurt!! I am in healthy food heaven!! I do not have a scale though, I left mine in NY. I plan on buying one on Friday. We will see what "the scale" says! ha! 

So I have decided to set some summertime goals!
  1. Get below 200 lbs!!
  2. Run a 5K!!
  3. Make some decisions about what to do with the rest of my life.
  4. Work out, Work out, Work out!
  5. Get oober healthy!
  6. Continue the challenge until I have reached number 1!
  7. And make some decisions about what to do with the rest of my life.
What are your summertime goals? Are they health related? Either way, you can accomplish
whatever you set your mind to!!


AmberParnell said...

You can do it girly!! You are doing such a great job! I am going to keep up with the challenge too once it's over. I still have more weight to loose!

Lindsey Stewart said...

Hey! I am currently not doing the shakes anymore. I lasted about 2.5 weeks but instead of getting easier as time went on, it got a lot harder for me. Although I totally give credit to the shakes for giving me a GREAT kick start! For the two weeks that I was drinking the shakes, I lost about 17 pounds and since then have just had so much energy to continue with a low-carb diet and excerising...which if you knew me was almost impossible to get me to work out! But now I do and I love and in 5 weeks I've lost 22 pounds! I weigh in tomorrow and should be down another 2 pounds. Slow steady...but at least it's healthy! I probably will try the shakes again if I hit a plateu with the low-carb diet. Hope that helps! Keep up the good work...and just take it one day at a time!! It'll be so worth it in a couple of months! GOOD LUCK!!!

Mike and Katie said...

Making decisions about the rest of your life? That's really big!

My goal for the summer is to get our family living on Mike's monthly income instead of having credit card debt to pay off when we get his bonus and tax refund.

Sticking to a budget has helped our family eat healthy. I've always made decisions based on the cost/nutritional value. Pop and chips don't have enough good nutrition to justify the expense so I didn't buy them.