Friday, May 8, 2009

Day 17 & 18

So these past few days have been rough. My body is tired from all the exercise I have done this week, and from all the stress around studying for finals!! (Thank God they are over! Now I just have to wait for grades.) I have worked out 7 times in the past 5 days this week, and that is something my body just isn't accustomed to! The discouraging part is that I weighed myself this morning and it said I gained almost 2.5 lbs!! Are you freaking kidding me?! I was so angry!! I feel good and healthy, but I believe the lack of sleep and stress counter acted against my working out this week. Is that even possible? Whatever!! I will keep going, weigh myself on Sunday and get ready for week 4 of the challenge and my last week of boot camp. Next Friday we will do our post camp fitness evaluation including all the exercises we did a month ago and compare them to how good we are this time around, and all of the measurements. That will be a real eye opener to see how much I have changes in this past month regardless of how much the scale shows. This next week will be a challenge in itself for me. I will be in Boston this weekend, Montreal some time next week, and NYC next weekend. I already have a cheesecake cheat planned for NYC and I am pretty excited about it. Other than that I am planning to eat smart and still enjoy traveling and sightseeing. I have still only used 1 cheat through this whole process and sometimes I miss junk food, but I am okay without it. I do not crave it nearly as much as I used to, and its a lot easier to say no to things. People tend to look at me like I am crazy when I do not eat crap (basically it is crap), then I explain the challenge and my eating right and they sigh and keep going! I went to a end of the semester get together last night, and 5 tubs of ice cream were brought! Ice cream is my weakness!! I resisted temptation. I wanted some ice cream, so I had a plastic spoon full and I was completely satisfied. (I don't really think of that as a cheat.) 

Now, its time for me to get ready for the weekend. Boot camp was hard and loooong this morning. I am glad for the much needed break from working out this weekend.

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