Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Day 16

Wow!! Adding in that extra workout these past two days has been hard. Yesterday was easier than today because I did two workouts in the morning, but tonight I wanted to try a boot camp class at the Y and it wasn't until the evening and I did not want to get out of my bed or off the couch. I did it though, and the class was HARD!! Man .. I was sweating after the first two minutes. I wish I had put this much effort into working out and eating right before. Tomorrow is the day before my last two finals for the semester!! I have been studying diligently, with some study breaks every few hours or so. I think I am tired of bananas, they just don't seem to taste right in my mouth these past couple of days. So I have temporarily retired them.

I thought tonight was the Biggest Loser finale, but I was wrong. It's next week, bummer. 

Still studying and praying about this test. Still trying to get in double work outs for at least one more day this week. Still hoping I reach my personal week weight loss goal. 

I am going to Boston for the first time ever on Friday. I am excited about that, but wont be able to weigh in Saturday morning, so I will have to do it Sunday. It's so hard for me to wait for Saturdays and now I have to wait until Sunday. No cheats used this week, but I have heard there is a good ice cream place in Boston I may have to try. We will have to wait and see.

Life is good. God continues to bless me and provide for me in ways I cannot imagine. I am looking forward to being home soon, spending the summer doing my internship and spending time with close family and friends. A little over one week left until I take a plane to Dallas for 3 months!! 

Time to start studying .. AGAIN!! 

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