Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cheat, Pea Plants and Life

{Disclaimer - All of these pics are from my phone! }
One day this week in class our teacher had us wear green and yellow so we could do the pea plant crossing experiment like Gregor Mendel. It was so fun and I didn't expect a class of grad students to actually participate and half wear yellow and green. I snuck a picture and this is the best I could get while being discrete! haha!

I used my second cheat this week for chicken fried chicken! Yum! From Cracker Barrel!

Life seems to be really good right now. The Challenge is going good. I was down the first week and I hope that tomorrow proves as successful .. not necessarily a lot of loss, but something .. I hope. haha! School is going good. I got interviews at 4 of the 5 internships I applied to. Now what to use the next cheat on? Hehe! I am thinking Coldstone. It makes me laugh how I have planned it out. I thought about using a cheat today but decided not to since tomorrow we weigh in. I am also going to apply to Teach for America - so keep me in your prayers! I would really love love love to do this! It is such a wonderful opportunity. This week was really busy but I hope to blog more this coming up week about our pot luck, working in the nursery at a new church, choosing and internship, and submitting my application!