Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Two days until Thursday

Today I ate: Breakfast - Nothing, I wasn't hungry and woke up late, but I ate as soon as I got back from my hour class. Lunch - Chicken and Chickpeas Dinner - Stuffed sun dried tomato and pesto chicken (Yum!!) Today wasn't very hard. Eating went well .. the work out on the other hand not so much. My body is tired and I ache all over. I went to the gym for Zumba and it was boring and no fun so I only lasted 15 minutes then came home to get in bed. I think my body needs a day or two to rest and recharge. I have worked out diligently this past month since I have been back to school.

My 1-4 class today was sooooo long and so boring. It was hard for me to make it the entire time. I chewed gum like crazy! Two days until I find out about TFA ..

I love fall because of pumpkin bread and candy corn!! If you want to send me either or I would love it! Next week I will have to buy both! The one thing I like about NY is the changing colors of the leaves, so pretty.

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Brooklynn said...

You can use skim milk instead of whole, instead of oil you can use applesauce, sugar free pudding and whole wheat flour........

as for the rest of the calories, I just "pretend" I don't see what I add in there, tee hee