Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Life goes on ..

Although sometimes we might get stressed .. life goes on
Although we may have to make difficult decisions .. life goes on
When we feel as if we can't go any farther .. life goes on
Even though we get hurt, get tired of studying or don't want to work out .. life goes on
Regardless of the decisions we have to make, the things we are holding on to, or the things we are afraid to reach for .. life still goes on

Life is too short to have shoulda, coulda, wouldas. Just buckle up and let life take us where we need to go. Life will still go on whether we are ready or not. Our lives may not be perfect now, but they are where they need to be. We may yearn for a goal thats rooted deep inside our hearts, and that is where we need to be. We have but one life to live and life matters! Do what makes your heart play a joyful sound. It's never too late, but remember whatever decision you make life goes on.

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