Sunday, October 25, 2009

Busy Sunday

So, I said I would document what I ate .. here it goes.

I had honey nut cheerios for breakfast, a slice of spinach pizza for lunch, and some brown rice with a bean salsa for lunch. I did have a cookie as well, but turned down the offer for more than one to take home with me. I also made sure to get in my workout this morning before life got busy and I was able to do a little over 3 miles. Woo Hoo!! I am going to try and get my 3 miles down to 30 minutes eventually.

The WIC conference started today and I am lucky to be able to attend that so far so good. I love how passionate people are about eating right, breast feeding and all of the other topics that surround women, infants, children and their caretakers. The conference is for most of this week so I am excited to learn and meet new people.

As far as school goes I need to do an assignment for my program evaluation class and some stuff for my management class as well. If I can do those things the week will go smoothly. I love Fridays because it means I am one week closer to coming home for the holidays!

I must go do homework and get in bed within the hour so I can work out in the morn! Have a good week!!

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