Saturday, October 24, 2009

It's almost over

I am so thankful to be halfway through the semester!! I cannot WAIT to go home and to leave this frigid city! I have 3 papers, a presentation, another presentation, and 2 finals until the semester is over.

If you have never been to a Stew Leonards you may want to go and check it out! It was the most fun grocery store experience ever!! It was quite entertaining and enjoyable. It was like a amusement park

I have been slacking with The Challenge. It is always a challenge for me once I get about halfway through. I stop counting my cheats and just go on with my life. I have 4 (maybe even 5 after this weekend) pounds left to reach my goal of 10 and I need to meet my goal this time. So I am going to try and blog what I eat and what I do to exercise so that I can be held accountable by the however many of you read this. So, starting tomorrow I am going to be totally honest about what I am eating and doing! I did get up and workout today I did 1.50 miles on the treadmill before I went to babysit and work. I have a very busy day tomorrow, but I am going to try and fit in a work out after church.

For now, I am going to go do some school work and get in bed early.

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