Wednesday, October 28, 2009


So my headache did go away today! What a relief!! My eating for today was not up to par! I did so good until I got to Sexual Assault Training tonight was our last night and we had cookies, donuts, brownies, carrots and chocolate as options! Yum Yum! So today I had half a croissant for breakfast, soup and salad from Olive Garden with a piece of Lemon Cake for my birthday. I didn't have dinner because I am still soooo full!! The people I work with at my internship took me out to lunch after the last session of the conference. I was so thankful! Then I had 2 to many cookies at training. {sigh} My alarm is already set for 5 tomorrow morning to get my workout on. I was kind of rejuvenated into working out after I went to a session on obesity in children. It was very very interesting. Now I must go read and read and read for my class tomorrow. It's almost the weekend though and that makes me happy. This weekend I must conquer the loads and loads of laundry I have to do, start working on a paper, and some group project stuff.

I took this picture and decided I would do something different with it! And I like the turnout!
The picture is supposed to be 4 different squares, but for some reason it doesn't show all of them ..

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