Wednesday, October 28, 2009


This pesky little headache is still in my life!! I went to the doctor yesterday and they gave me a shot of motrin x 10 and that seemed to solve the problem temporarily but that's about it. Erin and I tried to figure out why I could possibly be having these headaches and only two things have changed in my life. I took the flu shot and I stopped taking a medicine I have been on for a long time. We think the latter is the reason! This headache business stinks the big one!!

Tonight is the last night of Sexual Assault Advocate/Counseling Training and I am soooo uber excited to get my Tuesday and Thursday nights back and for sure my Saturdays back! As a new day starts I am thankful to be alive but also thankful that I am one day closer to December 11!!

Have a good day!!

*13 days left until I hear from Teach for America on whether I have been accepted!! :) Pray that I am accepted. I so badly want to do this!!

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