Thursday, January 28, 2010

#27 Buy a Stranger a Meal

So far I have completed two things off my 101 things in 1001 days. Today I bought a stranger a meal and what a great feeling it was! I was leaving Auto Zone and at the corner a lady was holding a sign that said "Homeless Veteran, please help." So I rolled down my window to see if she was hungry and if I could buy her a meal at a nearby restaurant. She said that would be great, so I turned around back into the shopping center and had her meet me at Mr. Subb. I let her choose the sandwich she wanted and made it a combo meal for her. She seemed genuinely thankful for the sandwich meal.

So I asked her where she served, seeing that she was a "veteran" and all and she told me Afghanistan. How much of that I believe, I don't know but to each there own. I almost asked her if I could take a picture with her since I happened to have my camera and had made plans to blog today, but I thought that might be rude! haha

Now I can cross something off of my list - #27 Buy a stranger a meal


Kristine said...

Kristi, that is awesome!

I'm always worried about giving homeless on corners money. I worry that they are not being truthful. I think that is why I just dontate to shelters or goodwill.

I've had "feelings" to give, and ignore them. Maybe I need to change my way of thinking, maybe I just need to start acting on those. Maybe it just might be God telling me to help. Even if all I have at times is change.

Got me thinking today girl. Thanks! :)

Have a great weekend.

Mike and Katie said...

That's awesome! I thought you would just pay for the guy behind you at the drive through but it's so much better that you took the time to hear her story!

Mr. Subb said...


What a beautiful story. It's always nice running across warm and generous people like you. I'd love to link your story to our Mr. Subb facebook account.

If I could send you a gift card so that I could also buy you some lunch sometime that would be great. If you could email me your address at mrsubb "at" mrsubb "dot" com it would make my day. Let me know if it's ok to link as well.

Take Care
Mr. Subb

Brooklynn said...

Kristi, I didn't know you went to South! What year did you graduate?

Brooklynn said...

He is! How funny!

Amanda said...

Lola, in this post you said you completed two things on your list, but you only marked off #27. Did I miss something?! I also think it is awesome that Mr. Subb acknowledged your kind act and gave you a gift card. Sounds like a good business ran by a good individual!