Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Oh life!

So I just thought I would ramble real quick before I start studying {blah}.
  1. Pray for my semester! One class will be fairly easy while the other will not be .. not in the slightest!
  2. I already completed something on my 101 list!! I will blog about it later this week!
  3. I haven't work out this week {eek!} So I made a date with the gym for 7!! It's a must!!
  4. Only 15 weeks until graduation!!
  5. I've been taking a multi-vitamin everyday!!
  6. I made Taco Soup the other day - yummmmmmy!! And very few calories!! I will be able to eat soup for at least two - three weeks!!
Well, I think thats all my brain can muster up right now. I need to go read!! Happy Tuesday!! :)

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