Sunday, January 24, 2010

101 in 1001 finished!!

Yippee!! I finished my 101 in 1001!! If you would like to join me on any of these adventures please feel free to let me know!! It will be great to do some of these things with other people!!
So without further ado, Kristi's 101 in 1001 days!!

1. Read the Bible cover to cover
2. Live in Texas again
3. Milk a cow
4. Go to the Oprah show/see Oprah
5. Visit at least 10 of the 50 states (preferably with Erin :))
6. Buy a meal for a stranger behind me in a drive thru
7. Take at least 5 angels from the angel tree
8. Become involved in Children's/Young Adult Church Ministry
9. Lose 50 lbs
10. Register and finish a 5K
11. Run a 1/2 marathon
12. Take a picture a day for a month
13. Find a job I thoroughly enjoy
14. Apply to med school {eek}
15. Take the MCAT again
16. Take Physics II
17. Learn to sew (with clean lines)
18. Foster (put on hold)
19. Graduate with a Master's Degree
20. Go to top of Statue of Liberty/visit the State of Liberty
21. Susan G Komen 3 Day Walk for Breast Cancer
22. Watch Erin graduate from nursing school at Tech (She watched me graduate)
23. Sing in the church choir/praise and worship team
24. Get a new lens for my camera
25. Go through my closet and make a give away pile
26. Be on time to work
27. Buy a stranger a meal
28. Go back to Lubbock and visit the Hughes and the Jacksons
29. Do a devotional
30. Buy 10 crosses for my cross collection
31. Meet a blogger friend
32. Make Erin's dog Sissy a blanket
33. Go to a Texas Tech Football game
34. Go to a farm
35. Go to Six Flags
36. Bless someone without them knowing its from me
37. Work out 24 of the 30/31 days of a month
38. Buy new sheets
39. Grocery shop according to a list and not deviate
40. Take a multi-vitamin every day
41. Play tennis
42. Be truly happy with my body
43. Watch one movie a week at the movie theatre for a month
44. Eat the recommended value of fruits and vegetables for a day
45. Cook 5 new recipes in a month
46. Find a church small group
47. Take some pictures for a family
48. Go without ice cream for a year
49. Bake cupcakes from Martha Stewart's book and deliver to the daycare
50. Visit a Senior Citizen Center
51. Have a picnic
52. Go to the Dallas Zoo
53. Volunteer with an organization
54. Make my bed every day for a week
55. Actually do my reading for school
56. Take my winter coats to the dry cleaners
57. Get a pedicure
58. Keep a check register (i do online banking now - so no use)
59. Make a better quilt
60. Remake Jennifer pillow cases but nicer
61. Buy a sewing/embroidery machine
62. Get my car detailed
63. Replace the back window handle on my car from when someone busted the windows
64. Buy a new clicker for my car

65. Pick eggs from a chicken coop
66. Eat the eggs picked from the chicken coop
67. Buy some new jeans
68. Buy a new swim suit
69. Leave a large tip at a restaurant
70. Muddy Buddies
71. Go to a friends wedding
72. Be in a wedding
73. Be below 200 lbs
74. Be below 190 lbs
75. Be below 180 lbs
76. Do morning work outs for a week
77. Have morning quiet time with God
78. Pray before my meals
79. Go camping in a tent (with Erin)
80. Go hiking (with Erin)
81. Go white water rafting (with Erin)
82. Go without my cell phone for a day
83. Pay it forward
84. Workout with Tanna
85. Go to the beach with my brothers and sister
86. Help my sister redo her room
87. Go to one of my brothers football games
88. Help make my sister a mum or garder
89. Tithe over and above
90. Make all of the Christmas presents I give out
91. Paint pottery
92. Buy gerber daisies to put in a vase
93. Memorize new Bible verses
94. Not complain as much
95. Plant a flower garden
96. Plant a vegetable garden
97. Plant a fruit tree/plant
98. Find a new hobby
99. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge
100. Pack up apartment in New York
101. Love unconditionally

Now, I have until September 30, 2012 to complete my 101. If they do not all get completed oh well, but it's fun to have a lists for life to be able to cross things off. This was A LOT harder than I thought it would be! But now instead of wishing I had a list like a lot of others I can now say I have one! What things would you like to get done?


Diana said...

Hey! Saw where you found us Texas-Blogging Gals.

So where do you live?

Amanda said...

Good luck! It's such a fun project - and your list is awesome! I saw a bunch I want to steal for my next one :)

Amanda Holley said...

Love the list! I told Tanna this, but one of my goals for the year is run a 5k, too!

Amanda Holley said...

Texarkana! Just a few hours from Dallas.

Mike and Katie said...

Awesome! It will be easier to visit 10 states when you are out east where the states are all smaller!

Fun list! Some are certainly eaier than others!

Amanda said...

Lola, I love your list! Hopefully I will be able to do some of those with you and you have inspired me to make a list of my own. :) I think that will be my next blog post. Miss you!

Brianna said...

This list is amazing Kristi!!! You are such an inspiration to me... I don't know if I could think of 101 goals for myself lol!

MommaDJane said...

Great list! I'd love to meet you since you are now back in TX and then you could mark off 'meet a blogger friend'. I also do several 5Ks a year and would love for you to be on our team in DFW sometime. I plan to jog one completely one day but for now I mostly walk with my kids. I love your list item to buy a stranger a meal that's behind you in a drive-thru line. I sooo want to add this to my list now.
Can't wait to read more about your progress.