Saturday, November 7, 2009

The 6 Layer Cake is Only 5 Layers

So .. I had to make today a day "dedicated to Dr. Hoff" my health management professor since I have a paper due on Thursday. Good news, great news .. I finished the paper!! Yippee!! Now I just have to do some editing!! I am so glad that it is done and I believe and pray that I will get a better grade on this paper. So after 6 hours of working on this paper I decided I wanted to bake a cake ... but not just any cake .. this cake.

Here is my study station for most of today

So here it goes ..

I bought all of the supplies

I mixed the first 3 colors

I mixed the next 3 colors

My poor green layer split .. even after it had been cooled in the freezer

Final product .. not so pretty but it has character!!

All the colors minus green


Courtney Kay said...

it's beautiful!

Matt and Laura said...

Girl, that cake looks soooo good! Great job!

Rhonda said...

Oh my gosh I want this cake!!! Come to Lubbock and make me one!!