Saturday, November 14, 2009

Oh Saturday

I wish today had been a day that allowed rest and relaxation .. but instead it was spent on school work and work work! I had a group meeting in the morning, a group meeting into early evening and work into late evening. {Yikes} I am tired!! Only 4 weeks left of this gruesome school schedule and I will get a break in Texas!! SO I started off my day eating good - a banana, strawberries, carrots, chicken chili- then I came home to make dinner and had rolls and red or jollof rice. I told myself no dessert or you will need to use a cheat but I didn't resist temptation {sigh} such is life. I think that for these past couple of weeks I have let myself have sugar just about everyday and I need to break that habit!!

I didn't get into Teach for America, and I am okay with that. I guess it wasn't meant to be. Pray that I can find a great job in the DFW area, pray that I can come to a conclusion on what to do with my life, pray for answers about my future. As I took a moment to just stop and think today I realized that I was okay. This time last year I was depressed and boy have I made strides. I'm okay and I will be home soon!